A Reaction to a Reaction

Considering everything that’s going on, this is the most delayed of takes, but I can’t stop thinking about this article.

It’s written by a Fil-Am based in the US and it reads like a high school paper written 30 minutes before the deadline. He’s not wrong to criticize the Tizons, but what he gets wrong is something so seemingly simple–the etymology of “Lola.”

He writes:

“The name “Lola” likely traces its roots to “dolor,” the Spanish word denoting pain — but Lola, a diminutive of Dolores, connotes the strength that suffering builds.”

I can imagine how smug he must have felt finding some sort of poetry~ or whatever in that.

But this guy’s Filipino-American! Surely there was someone who could’ve told him “Lola” is derived from “abuela,” the Spanish word for grandmother (and likewise “Lolo” is from “abuelo“). Or at the very least GOOGLE it? But I mean the guy also wrote, “In Tagalog, the language of the Philippines,” which says a lot about what little he knows.

So it makes me wonder 1) how this guy thought he had the authority to speak on this issue; 2) how this got published; 3) why the author did not respond to Filipinos calling him out; and 4) how many times has this happened but with regards to other cultures? Continue reading


I am Not Your Cash Cow

Art on featured photo by Amanda Allen Niday

Yesterday, news broke that Le Fou in the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast will be Disney’s first ever openly gay character. Some people found this groundbreaking, or at least, that’s how Disney is trying to market it.

There will be a “short, but explicitly gay scene” in the film, and  Attitude editor-in-chief Matt Cain describes it as a “watershed moment for Disney”

Attitude‘s cover featuring the film’s main stars, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, claims it’s Disney’s “gayest film ever.”

Some people were thrilled by this, but I remain a skeptic because…well, it’s Disney. And even if Disney believes it’s thinking outside the box, said box still lives in a pretty, little Disney bubble of its own.

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